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Literary Journey to Jewish Identity by Stephen Shepard in The New York Times

Born and raised Jewish, Stephen B. Shepard ceased to be observant by the time he entered college. He simply retreated into his own private diaspora: a Jew in name only, a non-religious member of the tribe, linked only tenuously to the heritage, culture, and social values of Judaism. Yet he was aware that there was a flowering of Jewish writing in post-war America : and that many of the authors he was reading were Jewish. What, he wondered, did it mean to be a Jewish-American writer? Was there such a thing as a Jewish novel? Why did he care so much about these books? In this literary memoir, Shepard explores his encounters with a few writers who influenced his sense of Jewish identity: and his ultimate return to the fold. He describes the anti-Semitism directed at Saul Bellow; details the literary feud between Philip Roth and Bernard Malamud; muses about the “Jewish” John Updike; and contemplates anew the horror of the Holocaust in the work of Cynthia Ozick. Shepard writes as an enthusiastic reader, a fan watching his team play.

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Frank Pignatelli released Practicing Freedom in March of 2017 – purchase a copy on Amazon. Please see an excerpt below:

I believe progressive educators face three formidable challenges at this current moment in time: how to speak truth to power in the midst of narrow, anti-democratic measures of success/achievement; coming up with a stronger democratically and morally grounded version of what it means to be accountable than the present technocratic lop-sided one; and balancing the courage to act with an awareness of other perspectives.This book invites its readers to consider how we can continue to breathe life into our progressive legacy, a legacy keenly attuned to cultivating democratic habits of mind and heart. And in the process, I hope to show, we are better equipped to take up the task of practicing freedom. (From page viii).

Deborah Phelps has published The Legacy of Mad Sammie – purchase on Amazon.

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Home Bases

Sean Kelly’s Home Bases – Memories & Stories of US Military Bases Around London is available for $34 — both via Amazon and direct book order through Paypal.

444 pages. Hundreds of rare illustrations and photographs.

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Rick Webb’s Agency, out by Palgrave Mcmillan. Click to purchase an ebook or print copy.


In 2014, Gabe helpeD WITH Sunday Pasta by Ed Garrubbo – click on the image to learn more about this great book.


GREENPOINT, 2014 – Shreds of a Monk’s Robe by Tadeusz Chabrowski – $15.00 – A series of letters is exchanged between beloved friends and family from a young monk in training. Mr. Chabrowki’s first book published in English after dozens of books of poetry in the Polish, it has been carefully translated by a scholar and former president of the Kosciuszko Foundation. Get it here

A collaboration between Books by Brooklyn and Bayberry Books, Raising a Beatle Baby by Jere Hester is available on Amazon and all major ebook outlets. See more details at www.beatlebaby.com or order here.

Getaway Mom by Lori Lee – published in 2013 – available for $11.95, available at all major ebook outlets including: iBooks | B&N | Kobo | Scribd

Bayberry Books helped produce The Rebel and the King in 2013 – it’s an inside look at a friendship between Nick Adams and Elvis from penned by Adams himself. Includes dozens of rare photographs and images from the original manuscript.

The Rebel and the King

Still available on Amazon, please see Sean Kelly’s first book, From The Faculty Lounge. Before Home Bases was written, Kelly published this work.

To the Faculty Lounge
From the Faculty Lounge, 2nd Edition, by Sean Kelly

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-PDF and print proofs, finished copies of books, distribution to Amazon and all available ebook vendors

-ISBN numbers, Library of Congress registration, marketing consultation

-Custom formatting and design on interior and book cover, website, Bayberry Books ISBNs

-Custom ebook setup and conversion – contact us.


How does it all work?


It’s best to start by taking a look at what you have already in terms of a manuscript and where you want it to go. In need of a final edit? We can get you an editor to work with. The above are only suggestions to get you started. And with the starter package we’re assuming you have everything ready to go and just need to simply publish. Every project is a bit different, so in the end, you may only want an ebook done, or a few printed copies. We can make recommendations based on what you’d like out of your project, and will ask questions. Also see our FAQ for more.


Further on the book packages — we can also send you a menu of services you might want to consider with pricing. We’ll include individual pricing on things like: ISBNs, an author website, copyright registration, a press kit, Amazon distribution, eBook distribution and more.


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We’re a publishing company created to simplify the process authors undergo when trying to print their books. Whether you’re looking to print a single book, or 1,000, we can get you set up professionally, and we’ll do this in consultation with you the whole way. Write to me directly at gabriel.stuart@gmail.com.  Gabe | PO Box 221, South Wellfleet, MA, 02663. 347-401-2028.

We’re able to take you through the process comprehensively to connect you to the audience you hope to reach. There are so many services out there, but few have the kind of customer service that allows you to ask questions. With our company, you’ll work directly with a person that can get you what you need, and the final book that you want.

Bayberry Books was founded in 2010 by Gabe Stuart to undertake publishing projects of all sorts: art books, poetry, biographies, non-fiction, memoirs, family histories. We’re based out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY – let us know how we can help.


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In July of 2013 we were interviewed by the Greenpoint Gazette:

Writing the next great American novel? You may want to consult Gabe Stuart before you write another word.

The Greenpoint resident’s Bayberry Books, a one-stop, full-service shop for aspiring authors pulls together all the parts of the publishing process to help turn his clients’ dreams into bound reality. From editing to proofreading to designing a cover and finding a printer, Stuart manages all aspects of producing a book. He’ll even list you on Amazon if you want. […]

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To date, Bayberry Books has done a handful of writer’s workshops, ranging from libraries to bookstores and universities. The venues have been Brooklyn Library’s Greenpoint; Word Bookstore Greenpoint; CUNY’s Graduate Center for Journalism.