Make a Book

Some of our offerings


-PDF and print proofs, finished copies of books, distribution to Amazon and all available ebook vendors

-ISBN numbers, Library of Congress registration, marketing consultation

-Custom formatting and design on interior and book cover, website, Bayberry Books ISBNs

-Custom ebook setup and conversion – contact us.


How does it all work?


It’s best to start by taking a look at what you have already in terms of a manuscript and where you want it to go. In need of a final edit? We can get you an editor to work with. The above are only suggestions to get you started. And with the starter package we’re assuming you have everything ready to go and just need to simply publish. Every project is a bit different, so in the end, you may only want an ebook done, or a few printed copies. We can make recommendations based on what you’d like out of your project, and will ask questions. Also see our FAQ for more.


Further on the book packages — we can also send you a menu of services you might want to consider with pricing. We’ll include individual pricing on things like: ISBNs, an author website, copyright registration, a press kit, Amazon distribution, eBook distribution and more.


Make a book with us — it will be awesome with whatever selection of services you choose.


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You can submit your manuscript, or just contact us about your book project for more info.